Up to 25% off sale on ALL hypnotherapy sessions

February 16, 2017

Hello my name is Emma Ferdinando and I run Orchid Therapy Hypnosis and Counselling Practice. Welcome to my first Blog. I have decided as an introduction to Orchid Therapy and to me to have a sale on all hypnotherapy sessions until March 31st 2017. I specialise in smoking cessation but offer many other forms of hypnosis.


I started out as an Integrative Counsellor and then got very curious about Hypnotherapy. I totally love the feeling of relaxation that it promotes and how it enables and empowers those who experience it to achieve the things they desire. Hypnosis piggybacks our own willpower and motivation to enable things to change deep within us on a subconscious level. It is also a very powerful tool for alleviating stress and anxiety.  


Many people have a preconception that hypnotherapy is just as you see it on tv - where unsuspecting individuals enevitable end up either eating an onion or clucking around like a chicken. But Hypnotherapy is a completely different experience. The hypnotic trance that takes place feels completely relaxing, where the client is completely in control throughout. Not only can issues such as fears and phobia's, lack of confidence, smoking cessation, weight loss and a lot more be tackled, but client's feel fully relaxed after their sessions.


As stated above, I am offereing a SALE on ALL hypnotherapy sessions until March 31st 2017, so why not contact me on 07853 378936, or email me at and get started on the changes you desire


Emma x

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